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Adding the Basement as Ideas for House Extensions

Adding the Basement as Ideas for House Extensions

Housing is a major necessity for every human being in addition to clothing and food. The problem of housing is an issue which has an important influence in people’s lives every day. Definition of healthy home is a home that can fulfill the needs of spiritual and temporal as worthy and as a shelter to protect themselves from the influence of nature outside. Physical needs such as reading, writing, rest and protection against disease, weather, and wind and so on. While the spiritual need is satisfaction when gather with family and sense of security. When your home looks narrower because the amount of your family is increase, you should expand your home.


When you arrange the concept of ideas for house extensions, you must know about characteristics of healthy house. Healthy homes should pay attention to some important aspects. First aspect is the air ventilation. Every room in the house must have sufficient ventilation so that the air can turn freely. Less air ventilation will make home becomes stuffy and uncomfortable. Second, the floor must be kept dry. The floor must be higher than the face of the land. Third aspect is placement the ceiling in your home. Installation of ceiling should leave a space between the roof and the ceiling. The purpose is to make people can enter into the space above ceiling when they want to clean or repair the roof. Third aspect is quality lighting in the space. Give adequate natural lighting at home. Mosquitoes are very fond of for nested in a humid environment, cold and dark.

The major obstacle in expanding the house is the matter of availability funds. Expand the house needs a lot of money so you must save your money first within a certain period. Although you have arranged ideas for house extensions, you will not able to implement your idea if you don’t have any money. Now you must think smart to do house extensions without spend a lot of money. House extensions are not always use vacant land around your house or add new spaces above your ground floor. Both of the methods spend much money. You can expand your home trough adding the basement under your ground floor. Expand the home trough add the basement is not spend a lot of money.

To generate a sense of comfortable and enjoy being in the basement, you must ensure that the basement has good room decoration. The bad design of space made residents feel uncomfortable and not welcome in staying long in that place. Design of the basement would be interesting if the concept is unique. However, any form of design, all depending on existing homeowner’s tastes, the shape of space and budget costs to decorate. When decorating your basement, make sure you do things below in order to decoration process become easier:

  1. Sometimes the basement has some things that need to be taken into consideration during the process of design and construction. Like steel pool, plumbing, underground water meters, flooding the well pump, window, furnaces, water heaters, ceiling height, and condition of existing floors.
  2. You must pay attention to the power and the height of the ceiling that available in basement and pipelines. So, all the features that affect the basic design and long-term planning. However the roof became the foundation of the basement upstairs next, except his position is not under a building
  3. You have to think about whether you want to the sun shine enter or not in the basement. If you want to have sun shine in the basement, at least make windows in above ground and below ground in order to let the sun shine enter. If on the contrary, given the lighting from the lamp light that has been made as efficient as possible.
  4. Wearing floor concrete on your basement is right choice. Especially to avoid the moisture that could happen. But to feel a different atmosphere, floor can also coated ceramic tile, carpet, or wood can provide comfort.
  5. You must ensure that the basement is dry, not wet or damp. If not, it can damage the materials used to complete your project. Because of its position in the bottom, then it must be observed at room temperature as well as the possibility of seepage of rainwater and the disposal of the end. Do prevention by setting a variety of drains, pipes, plumbing and all influential.
  6. The art of wall is a must in the changing room so that the basement appears more attractive. One way to create art in the wall is hang the painting or work of art. You can also play with unique wallpaper like wallpapers that describing scenes of nature. Motives natural scene that created from group of rounded lines such as owls, birds, tree branches and vines can be made into pictures wallpapers. Include accessories such as utilitarian baskets for storage, mirror for added dimension, and lighting.

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